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September Date to be announced!

Modo Yoga Cambridge

20 Ainslie St N



Thursday July 11th 7pm - 9pm

Modo Yoga Cambridge

20 Ainslie St N

Roll and Stretch Massage with Marsha Jaworski and Jenna Speir


Land on your mat for 90min of movement and massage. Weave together hands-on adjustments from Jenna and Marsha with yoga postures and self massage using yoga tune up balls for a blissful experience touching on feet, calves, hips, back, neck and jaw

$20 to attend class

Bring your own yoga tune up therapy balls or purchase a pair for $25


Mindful Eating with Marsha Jaworski and Reanna Steels

Take your mindfulness practice off the yoga mat and into the kitchen.  Create a new relationship with food by tapping into your sense of sound, smell, touch and taste to better nourish your body and mind with food.  This workshop will link the familiar practice of mindful movement and breathing to the experience of eating.  

Snacks provided!