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Roll and Stretch Classes

The first Thursday of every month 7-8:30pm

Modo Yoga Cambridge

20 Ainslie St N



Prenatal Yoga

6 Week Series starts Thursday Oct. 17th 6-7:15pm

Modo Yoga Cambridge

20 Ainslie St N

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Roll and Stretch Massage with Marsha Jaworski and Jenna Speir


Land on your mat for 90min of movement and massage. Weave together hands-on adjustments from Jenna and Marsha with yoga postures and self massage using yoga tune up balls for a blissful experience touching on feet, calves, hips, back, neck and jaw

$20 to attend class

Bring your own yoga tune up therapy balls or purchase a pair for $30


Yoga during pregnancy and beyond can help to relax your body, calm your mind and help you connect with your baby. Yoga is a magnificent way to navigate the experience of pregnancy. Yoga can help relieve back pain, reduce stress and support achy joints.